People Are Criticizing Jeopardy for This Terrible Beatles Clue

Friday, March 30, 2018

If you think love is the equivalent of a grueling week at work, you may be eligible to compete on Jeopardy.

The long-running game show puzzled some viewers and The Beatles fans Tuesday night with a Final Jeopardy round that may have misinterpreted the band’s 1964 hit “Eight Days a Week.”

Before wagering thousands of dollars to determine the game’s winner, contestants were given the prompt under the category of 1960s No. 1 songs: “Complaints about heavy workloads inspired the titles of 2 songs by this group, No. 1 hits 7 months apart.” Two of the contestants — Katy, who was in the lead heading into Final Jeopardy, and Robert, who was several thousand dollars behind — guessed correctly with The Beatles. But Robert took the win with game-winning wager of $11,000, giving him $23,601 in the end.
Alex Trebek explained the two back-to-back Beatles hits suggested from the clue were “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Eight Days a Week.” Now, The Beatles are perhaps a shoo-in for a category asking about a popular band from the 1960s, but some fans noted that “Eight Days a Week” isn’t about a “heavy workload.” Exhibit A: “Ain’t got nothin’ but love baby, / Eight days a week,” the song goes.

Source: Money Magazine


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