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Saturday, October 06, 2018

For the most part the original name of the their self-titled album “The Beatles,” got an additional tag and has been universally re-christened, “The White Album,” and for one really good reason, the sleeve is all white!

As far as “re-releases” go and the never ending “deluxe” album packages that have flooded the market, this is one I am truly looking forward to! This was “the” Beatles album that I was able to get lost in. I grew up on my Mom’s record collection so the Fab Four (among a slew of other Rock artist) was predominate in my life. (Thanks Mah!)

On Friday, November 9th the 50th anniversary of The Beatles White Album will take place and is one date I am seriously looking forward to. Hell the expanded version of Helter Skelter alone is worth the price of admission, and if that wasn’t enough the legendary (pronounced eee-sher) “Esher Demos” are part of the package as well!

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