Restored Piano Returned to Motown Museum

Monday, April 01, 2013

The nine-foot 1877 Steinway grand piano that sat for years in Motown Studio B in Detroit, Michigan, was returned to Hitsville USA, and reassembled in Studio A by Steinway technicians, after a complete restoration at the company's factory in New York.

Paul McCartney helped fund the restoration of the piano after he visited the museum in July 2011, and learned that it could not be played. Last fall, Paul was the first to play the newly restored piano with Motown founder, Berry Gordy Jr., at a special event at Steinway Hall in New York City.

The piano needs to sit for two weeks before it can be tuned. The Steinway company will send someone out to tune it, and it will be ready for the public to view on April 25th--Esther Gordy Edwards Community Day, an annual event honoring the founder of the museum on her birthday. Esther was Berry Gordy Jr.’s sister.

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