Ringo Starr on Peace & Love, Sobriety and What He Really Thought of Yoko, Plus an Exclusive ...

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Ringo Starr sees messages of peace and love everywhere, even in his food. While flipping through a copy of his new book of photos, Another Day in the Life (September 24, Genesis Publications), he finds a shot he took of two carrots, which he had posed to mimic the familiar two-fingered V sign for nonviolence and goodwill. “They’re very peaceful carrots,” he says with a smile.For Ringo, “peace and love” has gone way beyond a personal mantra to become a public mission. Starting 11 years ago July 7, his birthday, the former Beatle began holding the Peace & Love birthday celebrations, for which he appears somewhere around the world and asks everyone to pause at noon to say, or think, the P and L words. This year, he’ll do so in front of the classic building that houses the Beatles’ former label, Capitol Records, in Los Angeles, just a few miles from Ringo’s current home in Beverly Hills. (Follow these festivities on Ringo’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.)

Source: Jim Farber/Jim Farber


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