Ringo Starr Reveals Who Really Quit The Beatles

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr discussed the fiftieth anniversary of the group’s eleventh studio album, Abbey Road and the song that Starr wrote on the album entitled Octopus’ Garden which was written when he left The Beatles temporarily in a new interview. Ringo Starr revealed what almost killed Paul McCartney recently.
“I’d left the band because it was too crazy and too tense. I just said, “I’m going,” and I got Maureen — my wife at the time, God rest her soul — and the kids, and we went to Sardinia [Italy]. And it just happened: While I’m there, Peter Sellers had his boat there, and so we went out for a day on his boat. I was just hanging out talking to the captain, and he was telling me that octopuses go ’round the ocean finding shiny stones and things to put around their cave entrance. So it’s like their garden. And at the time, thanks to marijuana, it seemed like the best idea I’d ever heard!”

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