See Excerpts From New Graphic History 'Visualizing the Beatles'

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Decades after their breakup, the Beatles remain one of the most popular bands on the planet — including bookstores, where their history has been pored over and recounted often enough to fill several shelves of high-quality reading.

But what if you aren't looking for in-depth textual analysis and just want a quick graphical representation of some Fab Four info? Authors John Pring and Rob Thomas have you covered with their new book Visualizing the Beatles.

Available for purchase now, the book adds to the countless reams of existing Beatles literature by offering what the publisher describes as "a full-color graphic history of the Beatles, from their instruments to their tours to their outfits, hairstyles and more" — all laid out using infographics designed by Pring and Thomas, and taking readers on a start-to-finish survey of the group's discography from Please Please Me to Let It Be.



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