Sir Paul McCartney: I'm always tempted to pose with tourists on Abbey Road

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he is often tempted to “join in” with tourists posing on the zebra crossing made famous by The Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

The 77-year-old was this morning reflecting on the 50-year anniversary of the band’s seventh album on Radio 2, which the musician said he had “beautiful memories” of.

He added: “Nowadays I drive past but you can’t get past — there’s people on it. I’ve often thought of just jumping out and joining in.”

He also admitted he did once stop there after a party.

“I was coming back from a Halloween party and the crossing was empty and I had a werewolf mask on so I just went across and did a pose.”

The BBC has set up a pop-up radio station to mark the anniversary, called Radio 2 Beatles.

Source: Lizzie Edmonds and Tobi Akingbade/


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