Stay 1 Beatles apart: Japan design firm's take on social distancing

Sunday, May 17, 2020

A Japanese design office has produced a series of humorous infographics to promote social distancing, including one referencing the iconic cover of The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album, with the slogan, "Let's stay one Beatles apart."

The images, also including two kneeling samurais facing each other across a tatami mat, which measures about 2 meters, have been widely shared on social media around the world.

"Using creative designs, we have been able to widely disseminate information that can protect human lives" amid the coronavirus pandemic, said Eisuke Tachikawa, president of Nosigner, based in Yokohama, near Tokyo.

"It's truly the happiest thing for those who made" the images, he said.

Nosigner manages a website called Pandaid to disseminate useful information to cope with COVID-19 through infographics and other content.



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