The Beatles: John Lennon's furious response to Paul McCartney is dead rumour

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Beatles unprecendented success in the 1960 made them the most popular act in the world. But with the world’s eyes on them, they could not escape some bizarre rumours hitting the newspapers - with the most tantalising being that Paul McCartney died in 1966.

The rumour goes that on this day, November 9, in 1966, McCartney died in a car crash on the M1 motorway in the UK.

It continues to say that, to spare the public the sheer grief of losing one of the band’s founding members, The Beatles secretly replaced him.

Even more bizarre is the suggestion that the surviving members of The Beatles held a McCartney “lookalike contest”, awarding the winning person the slot in the band.

The “new” McCartney was then, sometimes, referred to as William Campbell or Billy Sheers.

Source: Callum Crumlish/


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