The Beatle's sister who lives in poverty

Saturday, February 17, 2018

George Harrison made a secret trip to the US incognito five months before Beatlemania crossed the pond, his estranged sister has revealed. The music legend slipped into the country in September 1963 without fanfare, travelled the Midwest and played with a local band. It was the last time that the Beatle, who would have celebrated his 75th birthday on February 25, felt 'like a normal human being', said 86-year-old Louise Harrison. 

Louise, who lives in a trailer near Branson, rural Missouri, and relies on welfare payments, struggles to make ends meet managing a Beatles cover band since her brother's death in 2001. She revealed that she hadn't been told about his terminal illness or the terrible pain he suffered until two weeks before he passed away aged 58 after a long battle with lung cancer.

Source: Daily Mail


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