The Beatles songs: What was Sir Paul McCartney's favourite song by The Beatles?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Beatles’ back catalogue is pretty massive, with most of the songs written by the famous duo Lennon-McCartney. They were the brains behind many songs we know and love, from Hey Jude to I Am the Walrus. But which song is Sir Paul McCartney’s favourite?

As is often the case in music, it is hard to pinpoint one’s favourite song, album or even musician.

For Sir Paul and John Lennon, their music was likely very close to them, as they poured their hearts and souls out into their lyrics and melodies.

John spoke about his disdain for some music by The Beatles in his later years, while also admitting to some real favourites.

Sir Paul has never been quite so anti-The Beatles, but which song was his favourite?

Here are some of the songs which would likely appear in Sir Paul’s top selection.

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