The Beatles' spiteful arguments were 'calmed' by Ringo Starr's honesty

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Beatles may have split up in 1970 after many growing personal feuds and arguments permeated their lives, but they were not always at one anothers' throats. In the early 1960s, the Fab Four were a tight-knit team and strong friends who worked hard, played hard, and spent all their time together.

Ringo Starr recently opened up about how one recurring argument almost got out of hand while on tour, but the musicians worked through it by being honest about their actions.

Ringo revealed that, during The Beatles' early days in the UK, they would travel across the country packed into one van with their musical equipment.

These uncomfortable journeys were no doubt stressful for a number of reasons. But it was the dynamic between the band that got them through the tougher times.

However, rage exploded between the band when someone passed wind in the tiny space. Yes, The Beatles had full-blown arguments over farts.

Source: Callum Crumlish/


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