The Classic Beatles Song John Lennon Wrote After He 'Stopped Trying to Think'

Sunday, May 17, 2020

When you watch the epic Beatles race, you might point to “Nowhere Man” like a line in the sand. Although John Lennon shouted in despair (“Help!”) On a previous track, the assumption was that he needed the help of a significant other (that is, a woman).

This was not the case for “Nowhere Man”, who arrived on Rubber Soul, the 1965 record, George Harrison called the “first full-fledged album of the group”. On this track, John sang about a character who is “as blind as possible” and who can’t even get a point of view.

Indeed, he could not have walked further after works like “A Hard Day’s Night” and “If I Fell”, which John had written the previous year. And, when John talked about composing “Nowhere Man,” he emphasized how different the songwriting experience was for him.



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