The Unseen Photos Of John Lennon and Joko Ono After The Beatles' Split Revealed

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Beatles singer/guitarist John Lennon’s one of the rarest photos with Yoko Ono has been shared on Lennon’s official Instagram page.

The photo was taken by Kishin Shinoyama, and the page has revealed a rare statement of Shinoyama as a caption of that post. The statement showed some observations about the lifestyle of Ono and Lennon after The Beatles’ split.

Here’s the statement:

“I think that photography should capture a moment at the end of every second, so to speak. Every moment ends instantly, it becomes the past, you know? Photography is one of the tools you can use to record a moment. For any type of work, I’ve never changed my approach. I take photos of everything I see, without letting anything pass by. ⠀

Source: Feyyaz Ustaer/


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