What is John Lennon's Son Julian Lennon's Net Worth?

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Julian Lennon, the firstborn son to John Lennon from his first marriage, is heir to an incredible musical legacy. Born in 1963, at the precise onset of Beatlemania in England, Julian’s life has been one of constant comparisons to his famous father.He’s finally coming into his own understanding of himself as an artist and of discovering his own artistic leanings rather than living up to outside expectations. Find out what the artist has been up to, as well as his net worth.

During his childhood, Julian inspired Beatles songs including Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. He had brought home a drawing he’d made of his school friend, Lucy, as the story goes. Many still theorize, however, that the song is actually John’s ode to LSD.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds



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