Who doesn't love Ringo Starr?

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Who doesn’t love Ringo Starr?

The former Beatles drummer, longtime solo artist, double Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and newly minted Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire has become a kind of mascot for the ’60s and its “peace and love” ethos. The phrase is his mantra and a concept he takes seriously.

But he doesn’t take himself that seriously. Neither a mod nor rocker, as he stated in “A Hard Day’s Night,” he’s still a “mocker.”

Over the last three decades, Starr has found a way to manifest those aspects of his personality into a concert experience with his All-Starr Band extravaganzas. They are good-time guitar pulls writ large, with Starr as the ringleader, emcee and focal point whose ego doesn’t prevent him from getting behind the drums occasionally and supporting his friends.

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