Why Paul McCartney 'loves' wearing a face mask

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Sir Paul McCartney is one of the most known people on the planet, but for the majority of 2020 it seems that no one can recognize him.

The face mask he wears amid the COVID-19 pandemic is giving him anonymity, and the former Beatle loves it because he can "go anywhere and do anything."

"We love the mask," he told Howard Stern. "I walked into work today wearing a mask, you know, looking at everyone. Looking them right in the eye. 'Hello. You don't know who this is. Do you know who I think I am?'"

While the obscurity is nice, Sir Paul knows that the year has been trying for far too many people.

"Even though it's been probably the most frightening year of our lives … 'cause you know, when there were other big crises like AIDS, the bird flu or SARS or whatever, they tended to happen to other people, but this thing's happening to us, no matter who you are or what you've been doing," he said. "In this most frightening year of our lives, I think we've got to kind of take some lessons from it, like, it's quite good to slow down, it's very good to be with your family, have time for people instead of just rushing around, and to me that was the silver lining."

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