Yoko Ono Discusses Trump, 'Warzone,' and Her Remarkable Longevity: 'I Hope I Have Another 50 ...

Thursday, October 04, 2018

In 1968, Yoko Ono and John Lennon shocked Beatles fans with the release of their experimental album Two Virgins. Fifty years later, the world is finally catching up with Ono.

For decades, she was unfairly blamed for the Fab Four’s breakup, and her art and songwriting abilities routinely dismissed by the press. But that blame has been exposed as knee-jerk rock-world misogyny, and Ono’s avant-pop work, both with and without her late husband, has been embraced by a new generation. Her 1973 album Feeling the Space—chronicling the feminist struggles of the ’70s and envisioning an end to “2,000 years of male society”—seems radically prescient today. And her surrealist wisdom and anti-war agitation have made her a Twitter favorite.

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