Yoko Ono: I'm part of the 'younger generation'

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Yoko Ono considers herself part of the "young generation".

The 84-year-old artist - who is the widow of Beatles legend John Lennon - is excited about the future because she thinks people are very wise.

She said: "It excites me that the young generation is very wise. And I include myself in that."

Yoko is an avid user of social media because she finds it an effective and efficient way to communicate to many people at once.

She said: "[Twitter] communicates so quickly to so many.

"When you read 'Grapefruit' there are instructions for pieces where you can see I envisioned a life like that already."

However, she admitted she isn't thinking about audiences when working on her art.

Source: By Celebretainment


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