Beatles 50th Blog posts of '2019' 'March'

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: March 31, 1969

With their "Amsterdam Bed-In For Peace" completed, John Lennon and Yoko Ono fly to Vienna (John takes the white bicycle with him on the plane). In Vienna, they "appear'"at a press conference at Hotel Sacher inside a white bag (Bagism and total communication being part of their peace initiative) to promote their film "Rape." One source claims that, instead of appearing inside a white bag, they are covered by a white sheet. “How do we know it’s you?” members of the press inquired of the bagged-up Lennons. ["Made a lightning trip to Vienna / Eating chocolate cake in a bag / The newspapers said, / 'She's gone to his head / They look just like two gurus in drag'..." -- John Lennon]. That evening, their film "Rape" premieres on Austrian television. Commenting upon John's recent activities, the Daily Mirror reports that, "...a not inconsiderable talent...seems to have gone completely off his rocker."



The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: March 30, 1969

Day 6 of John and Yoko’s "Amsterdam Bed-In For Peace." As requested by John, The Buffoons visit the Lennons at the Hilton.