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The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 30, 1970

US troops invade Cambodia in an escalation of the increasingly unpopular Viet Nam war.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono depart from London en route to Arthur Janov’s Primal Institute in Los Angeles. They will stay in California for four months at a rented accommodation in Bel Air.


The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 29, 1970

John - After 28 straight days of shouting, screaming, sketching, and eating 28 different colors of ice cream, John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Primal Scream therapy sessions with Arthur Janov at this London offices are concluded. He recommends that the Lennons fly out to Los Angeles and resume their treatment at his Primal Institute Clinic in California.

George - As he announces the forthcoming release of his first solo album, All Things Must Pass, George Harrison says The Beatles will probably eventually reunite.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 28, 1970

Back on this day in 1964

Studio 5A/B, Wembley Studios, Wembley

Prior rehearsals and recording session accomplished, the TV special Around The Beatles was taped before an audience between 9:00 and 10:15 this evening. The Beatles arrived at the studios at 11:00 am, however, for final rehearsals, and somehow also found the time to record radio interviews for Swedish radio with visiting presenter Klas Burling.

What with all of their guests, the Beatles actually participated in only two of the show's main items: their music set and a humorous opening spoof of the Interlude section of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act V Scene I), in which John portrayed the beauteous lady "Thisbe", Paul "Pyramus", George "Moonshine" and Ringo "Lion", all attired in costume. Apart from this, John, Paul and George were seen at the very start of the show, miming a trumpet fanfare, and then Ringo followed by hoisting a flag and setting off a cannon ball. Later, as a group, they introduced P J Proby's performance.

The finished 60 minute production was networked by Rediffusion on Wednesday, May 6th (9:45-10:45 pm) and repeated, in slightly edited form - the Beatles sections remained untouched - on Monday June 8th. NEMS was granted overseas sales rights and so was supplied with a print of the finished program. For the US market, Brian Epstein sold it to ABC, the first transmission occurring on Sunday, November 15 1964 (7:30-8:30 EST)

The Complete Beatles Chronicle - Mark Lewisohn



The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 27, 1970

Eight John Lennon "Bag One" lithographs, which had been confiscated by Scotland Yard on January 16, are determined not to be obscene and are returned to Lennon. The charges against the London Arts Gallery, who exhibited the lithographs, are dismissed.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 26, 1970

Back on this date in 1964......

Empire Pool, Wembley

A bill-topping return to the concert platform - the Beatles first live appearance in Britain for 15 weeks - at the New Musical Express 1963-64 Annual Poll-Winner's All-Star Concert, the yearly spring afternoon gala. They performed "She Loves You", "You Can't Do That", "Twist and Shout", "Long Tall Sally", and "Can't Buy Me Love" before an audience of 10,000.

The event was taped by ABC Television and networked as a two part special, Big Beat '64. The Beatles appeared in the second part, transmitted on Sunday, May 10th, 4:05-5:35 pm and repeated (though not in all areas, and not in London) on Sunday, November 8th, 3:15-4:40 pm. Viewers of all the second part also saw the Beatles receive their poll-winners awards from the actor, Roger Moore.


The Complete Beatles Chronicle - ML

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 25, 1970

-As John and Yoko carry on with their Primal Scream therapy in California, Fluxfest continues with “Measure by John and Yoko,” an exhibit in which the vital statistics of the spectators comprise the art.


The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 24, 1970

Back in 1965

City Barge, Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, London

The Beatles went out on location this day, shooting the sequence that precedes the one in which Ringo is trapped in a cellar with a man-eating tiger (shot April 7th). They filmed in the tiny Chiswick hamlet of Strand-on-the-Green, walking down the narrow Post Office Alley and out onto the River Thames towpath. Then, as they realize their life is in danger (from marauding "thugs" dressed as bagpipe players), they seek shelter inside the City Barge public house (interior City Barge footage was shot on a set at Twickenham). They then re-emerged onto the towpath without Ringo (trapped in the cellar) by diving straight through the pub's glass window frontage.

John and Paul weren't needed after this filming. George and Ringo went elsewhere (not used in the finished film, and location not documented) to shoot a street and telephone-box scene, and then an additional item was filmed, without any of the Beatles, inside the food department at Harrods in Knightsbridge. (Again, not used in the finished film) There was no shooting on Monday, filming commencing again on Tuesday.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 23, 1970

The Lennons fly to Los Angeles on the same flight as George and Pattie Harrison, ready for their Primal Scream therapy treatments at Arthur Janov’s Primal Institute. For the entire summer, John and Yoko undergo intensive therapy sessions with the Janovs.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 22, 1970

Back on this day in 1968

In London it is reported that The Beatles did not receive diplomas crediting them as "gurus," since they didn't pass the three obligatory tests of the Maharishi's Academy of Transcendental Meditation.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: April 21, 1970

Back in 1963

Empire Pool, Empire Way, Wembley, Middlessex and Pigalle Club, Piccadilly, London

The afternoon performance at Wembley marked the Beatle's biggest concert date yet, both in stature and size of venue, a reported 10,000 pop fans crowding into the arena to see a 14-act bill, headed by Cliff Richard and the Shadows, in the "New Musical Express" 1962-63 Annual Poll-Winner's All-Star Concert. Although the Beatles hadn't actually won any of the reader's polls, which had been conducted before the end of 1962, the NME slotted them in. They performed four songs, "Please Please Me", "From Me To You", "Twist And Shout" and "Long Tall Sally". The evening booking at the Pigalle Club was an odd one, and the Beatles only appearance at this fashionable central London restaurant/night club later to become the "in" meeting place for the Mod movement. On this evening almost the entire audience was Jewish, the only advertisement for the engagement having appeared in the weekly newspaper "Jewish Chronicle".