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Report: Newspaper says Paul McCartney to play Quebec in July

A Canadian newspaper reported Thursday that a deal has been reached for Paul McCartney to perform in Quebec this July at the outdoor Plains of Abraham where he played in 2008.

Le Soleil (The Sun) said the concert will take place July 23. McCartney last played the Plains of Abraham almost five years to the day of the new show on July 20, 2008, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Quebec.

McCartney fan Bob Gannon, who has attended over 100 McCartney shows, and attended the 2008 show, told us, “This large park was filled to capacity. I remember for those who had waited all night in line to be in front of the stage was opened, the mad rush to the stage to get the best position. It was a stampede. Glad I decided not to worry so much about where I was and to just enjoy the free concert. The park was filled, the streets around the park was filled with people watching video screens and so details

Lead singer: Artist carves mini John Lennon into tip of pencil

Hedley, 47, chanced upon his new hobby in December 2011 when he sharpened a pencil and noticed the tip looked like a human hand.

He said: “That is how I did my first one, which was the Olympic torch. I just took a pin and started chipping away.”

He added that he is proud of his portrait of the Fab Four, saying: “John Lennon was the hardest.

“There is real glass in his glasses, which had to be ground down, and actual metal for his frames, which was really tricky to put on.

“When people see the sculptures they ask how big they are and when I tell them that it’s on a pencil they just walk off because they think I’m having a laugh or that it’s been Photoshopped.”

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Source: The Sun, UK
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Lucky Boys Get the Beatles Cheap - Friday, April 05, 2013

Beatles 50 years Ago today Everyday:

By April 1963, the Beatles were veterans of the live stage. After hundreds of shows in Hamburgand at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, they were touring England in support of their first album. Everywhere they went, they had teenage girls squealing over their first No. 1 single, “Please Please Me.” All of which made it a little odd when, on April 4, 1963, the Beatles’ made their next tour stop at a small all-boys boarding school.

More unusual still is who booked the show at the Stowe School, a private school of just a few hundred boys: one of its students, David Moores. Moores, who had grown up around Liverpool, wanted to see his hometown band. So, in January 1963, he wrote to Brian Epstein. This set in motion a series of fairly formal  details

TIME magazine first assigned Grossman to photograph the band in 1964 during their first performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

"People were screaming. I saw these four guys with long hair. Ringo was on the drums -- I didn't know his name was Ringo at that point. I found out later that afternoon," recalls Grossman in a WTOP interview.

Grossman's assignments covering the Beatles took him to Atlantic City, and the following year to the Bahamas and Austria for the filming of the movie "Help!"

"During lunch one afternoon George asked me if I could take some portraits of him and Pattie when we got back to London," said Grossman.

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Source: Neal Augenstein,
Photographer: Henry Grossman


New Book: Let It Be: A Novel - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Bracket Books announces the upcoming release of Let It Be: A Novel by Chad Gayle.

An extraordinary story inspired by the music of The Beatles, Let It Be: A Novel (Category: Fiction, ISBN: 978-0-9886610-0-4, Trade Paper, 220 pages, $12.95) will be available wherever fine books are sold on May 8, 2013, the anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ epic Let It Be album. Let It Be: A Novel will also be available in an eBook edition ($5.99).

About Let It Be: Newly-separated Michelle Jansen longs to create a new life for herself and her children, Joseph and Pam. Making a fresh start isn’t easy, however. A fresh start means upheaval—uprooting her family, moving across the state of Texas, settling into a too-small home, entering the workforce—giving up the family’s old life is search of something new and better.

But even in the midst of chaos, Michelle experiences an awakening: she rediscovers her love of The Beatles and finds solace in the Let It Be album; she joins, and adapts to, the workplace; she fin details

Just back from another well-received round of shows with the All-Starr Band, Gregg Rolie continues working on a new solo release — the Santana/Journey co-founder’s first since 2011.

Rolie posted a new photo with Frenchie Smith and Sean Rolie, taken at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, Texas, as they were “finishing mixes on new material.”

Austin-based Smith has worked as producer with the Toadies, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, and the Meat Puppets, among others. The younger Rolie, who engineered this time, also produced 5 Days, Gregg Rolie’s most recent EP of songs.

Meanwhile, Rolie says that touring with Ringo Starr was “too much fun for anyone to have.” This year’s edition, which included Toto’s Steve Lukather and Todd Rundgren, among others, toured last summer and then again in February and March.

“Had a blast as always with these guys,” Rolie adds. “I’m up for this anytime or anywhere. details

The Beatles’ acclaimed 2003 album, Let It Be… Naked, makes its global digital debut today exclusively on the iTunes Store® ( In addition to the 11-track album, the iTunes LP features all of the original booklet art and liner notes, as well as bonus audio of studio banter captured during The Beatles’ 1969 recording sessions forLet It Be. Music videos for the ‘Naked’ versions of 'Get Back' and 'Don’t Let Me Down' are also exclusively available on iTunes for download purchase and free streaming.

Taking the listener into the band’s initial session takes for Let It Be, recorded primarily at Apple Studio in January 1969, Let It Be… Naked is the stripped-down, return-to-live-takes album  details

The news that former La’s bassist John Power will play John Lennon in a musical about the Beatles legend came as something of a surprise to those of us who remember his days fronting cosmic scallies Cast.

Cast were an enjoyable, if never essential, spoke in the Britpop wheel and at the time I fell hard for their brand of dope- fuelled guitar pop. They certainly won over the public too, with every single the band put out a dead cert for the top ten.

Power’s certainly got a head start on most other contenders courtesy of a definite physical likeness and the same nasally vocals. He even went to the same school as Lennon but as I’m sure he’ll find out, portraying any of the Fab Four is not that easy.

If Power’s looking for advice he could do far worse than asking fellow Liverpudlian Ian Hart for some tips. Hart, better known to the younger generation as Quirinus Quirrell in the first Harry Potter film, has played Lennon twice on screen and has recently signed up for a third crack at portraying Liverpool’s favou details

The nine-foot 1877 Steinway grand piano that sat for years in Motown Studio B in Detroit, Michigan, was returned to Hitsville USA, and reassembled in Studio A by Steinway technicians, after a complete restoration at the company's factory in New York.

Paul McCartney helped fund the restoration of the piano after he visited the museum in July 2011, and learned that it could not be played. Last fall, Paul was the first to play the newly restored piano with Motown founder, Berry Gordy Jr., at a special event at Steinway Hall in New York City.

The piano needs to sit for two weeks before it can be tuned. The Steinway company will send someone out to tune it, and it will be ready for the public to view on April 25th--Esther Gordy Edwards Community Day, an annual event honoring the founder of the museum on her birthday. Esther was Berry Gordy Jr.’s sister.

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Paul McCartney and Julian Lennon have posted public comments on the passing of producer/engineer Phil Ramone.

On his website and Facebook, McCartney said, "Phil was a great friend of mine for many years. We first worked together when I recorded 'Another Day' in New York at A & R Studios. He was a very sweet man who combined this with expert knowledge of both engineering and production. I'll always remember him as a great friend that I knew, loved and admired over the many years that we worked and played together."

Lennon, who worked with Ramone on his first two albums, said on Facebook: “I'm deeply saddened to hear the news of my dear friend and first ever producer, Phil Ramone's, passing. My heart, of course, goes out to all of his family and friends. Phil, we were just getting to know each other again. I'm going to miss you.... As will countless others…You were one of the best... Always will be... x”

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