The Beatles - A Day in The Life : June 14, 1964 (Sunday)

Ringo rejoined the Beatles in Melbourne on June 14th 1964 following his ten day hospital recovery from accute tonsilitis. As Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein arrived in Melbourne, they witnessed the beginnings of the incredible gathering that would greet the other Beatles arrival later that afternoon. The car carrying Ringo and Brian pulled up to the main public entrance where 3,000 fans had already gathered.

Dick Lean, managing director of Stadiums Limited, would later remember about Ringo's arrival: "The police inspector decided to put Ringo on his shoulders and make a dash for the entrance. It seemed like a good idea until our PR lady began waving to the crowd, then tripped and fell down right in front of this piggy back. (The inspector) stepped on her and down came Ringo, right into the grasping claws of hundreds of kids. When we finally pulled him out and got him inside... his first words were "Give us a drink. That was the roughest ride I've ever had!"

As the rest of the group arrived, the number of fans had grown to 20,000 and the police to 400, with literally thousands of fists banging on the glass panels that comprised the front of the Southern Cross Hotel. John, Paul, George and Jimmy used a more secretive entrance into the hotel, and within minutes they and Ringo were rushed to the first-floor balcony, in an attempt to draw the fans away from the glass doors of the hotel. John was later reported as calling it "The greatest reception we have received anywhere in the world."

All five Beatles were present for the press conference in Melbourne at the Southern Cross Hotel. Following the press conference, the five were also interviewed with questions from a panel of five Australian television personalities. Both the press conference and the TV interview are presented below.

Jimmy Nicol departed for London the next day. Once back home, with all the newfound attention on him, he was automatically set for television appearances and interviews. However-bright the spotlight, his 1964 appearances with the Beatles would not bring lasting stardom to his future musical career.

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