The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: May 11, 1965 (Tuesday)

Cliveden House, Cliveden, Maidenhead

Not only the conclusion of filming at Cliveden but also the last shooting done by the Beatles for their second film. The unit concluded filming the following day, May 12, with location shots all over London for which the Beatles' presence was not required.

At one point during their two days at Cliveden, the Beatles were challenged to a relay running-race around part of the splendid gardens. The contest was filmed with an 8mm home-movie camera by a member of the Help! film crew and the footage still exists. They competed against three other teams from the unit-the electricians, the carpenters and the camera operators - and each team had six runners, the Beatles augmented by Neil Aspinall and their chauffer Alf Bicknell. (To the surprise of many, because they were considered unfit, the Beatles' team won the race).

Source: The Complete Beatles Chronicle - Mark Lewisohn

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