The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Saturday, November 16, 1963

Winter Gardens Theatre, Exeter Rd. Bournemouth, Hampshire

News of Beatlemania was beginning to spread abroad. Three different camera teams from the major North American television networks, NBC, ABC and CBS - filmed parts of this Beatles performance and the audience hysterics. Reports went into US television news programs on November 18, 19, and 21st and December 7th.

In the CBS item, reporter Alexander Kendrick was particularly condescending. Talking of the group's fans he declared, "Some of the girls can write" and spoke of the Beatle's "Dishmop hairstyles". The Beatles were seen entering the Winter Gardens Theatre and playing "She Loves You" on stage, (the disc version was overdubbed for TV). John and Paul also gave a short interview with another reporter, Josh Darsa. In punning, lofty fashion, Kendrick then concluded, "They symbolise the 20th century non-hero, as the make non-music, wear non-haircuts and give non-mersey".

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