The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: September 19, 1964 (Saturday)

Following their concert in Dallas, Texas on 18 September 1964, The Beatles were flown to a ranch in Missouri for a rest day.

The aeroplane belonged to Reed Pigman, who also owned a ranch in Alton, Missouri. The Beatles used the ranch as a hideaway prior to a trip to New York for the final concert of their first US tour.

En route to Alton, they stopped briefly at Walnut Ridge to change planes. The secluded airport was ideal for avoiding the attention of fans.

Their efforts weren't entirely undetected by the fans. Night-time arrivals at the airstrip were rare in 1964, and three teenage boys ran to the airport to see who the unexpected visitors were. News of The Beatles' arrival quickly spread throughout Walnut Ridge throughout the weekend.

The second aeroplane was a seven-seater. After boarding just after midnight on 19 September they were taken to the ranch in the Ozark Mountains, where they spent 36 hours relaxing, swimming, hiking, horse riding, go-karting, shooting and fishing.

No musical instruments were taken to the Pigman ranch, and The Beatles held no rehearsals or performances while there.

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