The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Tuesday, November 5, 1963

Adelphi Cinema, Slough

In the late-morning the Beatles had an engagement with a TV crew from Associated-Rediffusion, which had decided to dedicate half of the next edition of its 30-minute current affairs series This Week to the subject of the Beatles and Beatlemania.

The group consented to an interview, filmed in the back of a hire car driving around London. Owing to the cramped conditions it wasn't impossible for all four Beatles to be in camera at the same time, so George and Ringo filmed together, then John and Paul.

Exactly nine minutes of interview footage, cut from the 10 mins 40 secs that was shot, made it into the finished program and this was supplemented by more than 20 Beatles photo stills and also by a studio converation about (though not with) the group, inserted live into the Thursday November 7th transmission, 9:10 to 9:40 pm.

In the evening, the Beatles resumed their nationwide package tour with two "houses" at Slough. ("Oh, that's near us", the Queen Mother had remarked to the group when, during their presentation to Her Majesty after the Royal Command Performance the previous evening, she had asked them where they would next be playing. Slough is only two miles from Windsor).

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