The Beatles - A Day in The Life : Wednesday, November 13, 1963

Westward Television Studios, Derry's Cross, Plymouth, Devonshire and ABC Cinema, George St. Plymouth, Devonshire

Being that they were in Plymouth, the Beatles consented to an approach from Westward Television (which then held the ITV franchise for programming south-west England) to give a brief interview to presenter Stuart Hutchinson for the local teenage program "Move Over, Dad" (billed as "A gay new show with the accent on the beat of the young"). It was included in the next edition of the series, Saturday, November 16th, (5:15 to 5:45 pm).

But such was the chaos outside the ABC Cinema, where the group was ensconced in their dressing room, that they had to be smuggled out of a side door and into a side door of the adjacent Athenaeum Theatre. Westward occasionally used the theatre as an annex studio, and direct access could be gained to the company's main studio block, in Derry's Cross, via a connecting tunnel. The Beatles followed this route in order to appear on "Move Over, Dad", and then repeated the exercise in the other direction, back to the ABC for the night's two "houses".

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