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The former arts college turned University where Beatles legend John Lennon studied is set to rename a building after its most famous student. Yoko Ono has been involved the development of the site and has given her blessing for the arts building to bear her husband's name. The Liverpool John Moores Art and Design Academy is down the road from where the Beatles icon studied at the former Liverpool College of Art.

Yoko Ono said: "John studied at the University, when it was the College of Art and it provided the springboard for so many influential aspects of his life.

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The Beatles’ 1963 Revisited - Monday, July 01, 2013

IT'S JULY 1, 1963 AND at London's Abbey Road Studios a song is recorded that will change the world, the lit fuse of the most extraordinary pop culture explosion of the 20th Century. It's called She Loves You, the work of a Liverpudlian four-piece three singles (the last, From Me To You, their first UK Number 1) and one album old, not yet thoroughly Fab, but already pretty damn great. The Beatles' 1963, already manic in the extreme, is about to propel them into a mind-blowing transmogrification. By the end of the year they will be legends, aliens, avatars. Weird hardly describes it, but there were upsides, of sorts...

"We found girls hiding in the ceiling at Abbey Road," reveals Paul McCartney, revisiting Beatlemania in an exclusive interview in this month's MOJO. "We were recording and we heard some sort of noise. They eventually found out that high up in the ceiling there's maintenance ducts and there was a few fans who'd managed to get in there who were getting a bird's eye view of the session. So that was like, Oh boy."


Paul McCartney appeals to countries across the world to end cosmetics tests on animals

Former Beatle and long-time BUAV supporter Paul McCartney has applauded the work done by the animal organisation to secure the European Union’s animal testing ban for cosmetics, and is backing Cruelty Free International work for a global ban on cosmetics tests on animals.

Paul said: “I have supported Cruelty Free International’s founding organisation, the BUAV over the years with its campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals. I am so proud to be part of this historic event and congratulate Cruelty Free International for succeeding in taking the cruelty out of beauty across the European Union. Together we have made a huge difference, yet animals continue to suffer because over 80% of the world still allows cosmetics testing on animals. I am now supporting Cruelty Free International with its campaign to seek a global ban to ensure that animals do not suffer for the sake of beauty anywhere in the world.”


Sir Paul McCartney didn't feel famous when he was in Wings. The 'Band on the Run' singer formed the rock band after being in The Beatles, and liked the fact when he started out, he wasn't treated like a famous person anymore.

He told Classic Rock magazine: ''Wings was difficult but rewarding. I sometimes wonder if it was crazy after The Beatles to do the entire thing again.

''We struggled for years with Wings, getting s***ged off by the reviewers because we decided to try and do it from the ground up instead of coming in at some high level with superstars, so we had to try and learn our craft all over again.''

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Long before he picked up a guitar, John Lennon was a doodler. The cerebral Beatle, who spent three years at the Liverpool Art Institute before immersing himself in the music that would define his career, always loved drawing and sketching.

His line drawings, in pen, pencil or Japanese sumi ink, were the work of an impulsive creativity, bringing his philosophies, wry humor, playfulness and deep devotion to family to quick, inventive life. Yet his rise to fame with the Beatles overshadowed that talent.

“John wanted his artwork to be shown. He was really trying to find a gallery that would accept him, but most galleries in those days just said, ‘Oh, he’s a famous musician. Whatever he does artwork-wise must be in the vein of a rocker.’

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Want to feel and look young when you’re 71? Paul McCartney has some tips for you. The Beatle speculated that the reason he’s looking so great can be attributed to his flesh-free diet and active love life.

McCartney told VH1 radio, “I do do a bit of exercise but it’s not like heavy work out. I’m vegetarian, I don’t know, that might have something to do with it. So I feel pretty good in myself, I really don’t know if that’s to do with it.”

The singer continued, “I have romance in my life, I think that’s a lot to do with it. That’s a good thing, a good woman. I feel really good. I feel very fit. I don’t know why particularly, but I just do.”

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Paul will be playing tonight with his band at the Happel Stadium in Vienna, Austria as part of his all-new "Out There" tour.

Fans travelling to the show – or even visiting Vienna in the coming months – may also be interested to learn that the first comprehensive exhibition of Linda's photography is currently showing at the Kunst Haus Wien museum in the city. Paul was recently interviewed for an Austrian TV documentary about Linda to promote the exhibition which we've had translated for you.

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Each month Paul has been answering questions from his fans for the website's new feature 'You Gave Me The Answer'. This month's question comes from Amanda in the United States who asks: "What is the most inspirational thing someone has ever said to you?"

To find out Paul's answer we spoke with him whilst on the road with his "Out There" tour. Paul replied,
"Thank you for your question Amanda.

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Sourec: Paul McCartney

$10,795 for Beatles 'Please Please Me' - Saturday, June 29, 2013

The unsigned record, Please Please Me, was described by the seller as being in excellent/near mint condition, and worthy of being in a museum.

Here's an excerpt from the sellers listing, describing the condition; "This is without doubt the one of the best examples of this record anywhere in the world! The vinyl surfaces are simply stunning and the black and gold labels are as good as you will ever see. This vinyl has hardly been played and has obviously been very well cared for over the years with only the odd very faint whispy mark showing under very strong light."

Interesting side note. The records title song Please Please Me, "didn't do anything" when it was first released in America. According to Paul McCartney, at a concert early in the Beatles career (see the first 15 seconds of video).

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Julian Lennon doesn't do the hard sell anymore. Nearly 30 years after his brief, mini-Beatlemania-like brush with fame sparked by the release of his debut album, Valotte, the 50-year-old singer-songwriter has a new record out, Everything Changes, but he's not knocking himself out to shove it down people's throats.

"I'm at the place in my life where I don't want to kill myself doing this anymore," he says. "Been there, done that. Obviously, I do need to get the word out that there is something to see or hear, so I'm doing press. But I'm into quality not quantity."

There isn't a hint of rancor in his voice; for the first time ever, it seems, Lennon is happy with his place in the world. After a couple of enthusiastically received gallery shows, his talent as a photographer is turning into a full-fledged career

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