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Imagine: 1Million (1.057.000) Americans killed by guns since we lost John Lennon. Stop it now.


An English Heritage “Blue Plaque” at the site of the Beatles’ Apple Boutique in London has been updated to honor George Harrison.  The 94 Baker Street address once housed the short-lived boutique meant to be, in Paul McCartney’s words, "a beautiful place where beautiful people can buy beautiful things".  John was commemorated at the address in 2003.  The new plaque, including George’s name, was unveiled by original Quarryman bandmate, Rod Davis.

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Regarding his new limited edition book, “My Time with the Beatles”, photographer Henry Grossman says: “This new book is the best of my many Beatles photographs. I’m happy to share some of my favorite work and thoughts on those scenes. These are souvenirs of places I remember and some very memorable friends.”

These had been lying dormant for maybe 40 years because after Life magazine sent back the negatives and slides, I put them in my archives,” says Grossman. “I was a busy working photographer so I had other assignments to work on.”

In his introduction to the book, Paul McCartney says: “Even though The Beatles had lots of photographs taken of them, occasionally one of the photographers would be out of the ordinary… Henry Grossman was one such photographer.”

“My Time with the Beatles” is limited to 1,200 numbered copies and costs $495. Books one to 250 are signed by Henry Grossman and are $795. 


Paul Adds to Gondry Film Soundtrack - Monday, March 18, 2013

French director Michel Gondry directed the video for Paul McCartney’s “Dance Tonight” in 2007, and now Paul has reportedly done some work as a guest musician on the score for the director's upcoming “Mood Indigo.”  According to French site RTL, McCartney came in and played bass on at least two in details

Ringo Working Again with Brother-in-Law - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Joe Walsh is working with his brother-in-law--Ringo Starr--again, along with Mick Jagger, Keb 'Mo, Jim Keltner, and super-producer Don Was.

On his Facebook page, Walsh says: “Cooking up something here at Capitol Records! I think you’ll like it.”

Joe and Ringo have worked on several previous projects together — including Analog Man, Walsh's latest. Walsh produced Ringo's 1983 album, Old Wave, and was an original All-Starr Band member.  Joe married Barbara Bach (Starkey's) sister, Marjorie, in 2008.

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'And in the End--The Death and Life of John Lennon' is set to run off London's West End from May 7th to the 1st of June.  The play takes place in John's mind on December 8, 1980, after he has been shot.  Writer-director Alexander Marshall explores what may have been John's thoughts, as gatekeepers of his past help him through psychologist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's famous five stages of death--denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Performances will be given at the Jermyn Street Theatre in Piccadilly in central London.

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Protecting Your Fab Four Collection - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Protecting Your Fab Four Collection

Whether you just own a few of John, Paul, George and Ringo’s classic albums or you’ve invested thousands of dollars in select, limited-edition vinyls and memorabilia, it’s important to make sure your Fab Four collection is protected. If fire, water or some other disaster wiped out your collection, would you be able to restore or replace your most prized pieces? If a burglar gets away with your collection, how much would you stand to lose?

If you own a valuable Beatles collection and haven’t invested in a smart insurance policy, the answer is –a lot.

Consider the value your collection quickly racks up just by including a few select items of Fab Four memorabilia:

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The Welsh Streets Home Group, which led the successful campaign to preserve Ringo Starr’s birthplace, says it fears that Liverpool’s City Council may change its mind.

In an email update sent to supporters, the group reported Plus Dane, a major housing association in the area, had submitted a planning application to the Liverpool City Council to demolish all except 42 houses in Kelvin Grove and Madryn Street.

But, they expressed concern that if the council encounters delays or disruption to their proposed timetable that they will reconsider saving the homes on those two streets, which would mean Ringo's birthplace could be razed.

It was announced last May that 9 Madryn St. was saved from demolition after an eight-year battle over whether to save the area or demolish the homes.

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A new comic book, “Paul McCartney: Carry That Weight”, focuses on Paul’s decision to announce the breakup of the Beatles in April 1970.  According to the publisher, the 24-page book "takes a snapshot of the afternoon Paul McCartney made the final decision to quit the most beloved band of all time, and imagines the thoughts and feelings behind it.”

Paul was not involved in the creation of the book. "Paul McCartney: Carry That Weight" is the third Bluewater Productions comic to focus on the Beatles.

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Paul McCartney’s contribution to Record Store Day on April 20 is a treat for fans of the 1976 Wings Over America triple album. On that day, look for a release of a 12-inch EP of the live “Maybe I’m Amazed.”  Side One includes the song in full and edited versions in mono, and Side Two presents the full and edited versions in stereo.

Paul has been revisiting his 70’s albums with deluxe releases dubbed “The Archive Collection”. Wings Over America has been unavailable for some time, but has been highly anticipated as a re-release in the Archive Collection series.

Record Store Day celebrates and supports the continued existence of small, independent music stores.

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