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Prior to 1969, if you had insisted that a crosswalk would go down in history, you might have found yourself in the crosshairs of a petition for institutionalization. But a casual photo shoot on the morning of August 8 of that year made an otherwise nondescript pedestrian walkway into the stuff of legend... and a peculiar destination for millions of tourists to come.

It was 44 years ago this week that John, Paul, George, and Ringo put on their walking shoes — well, three out of the four of them, anyway — and stepped outside the Abbey Road Studios where they were recording Abbey Road to take a rather determined stroll across... Abbey Road.

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A Bridlington man is hoping a pair of half-century old leather strides he claims once belonged to Paul McCartney could trouser him thousands of pounds. Mike Hoggard claims Beatles manager Brian Epstein gave them to him when he played in a jazz band at Liverpool's Cavern Club in the early 1960s.

Mr Hoggard said the trousers, marked with the name "Paul", are the right size to have been the music legend's. He now hopes he can sell the leather piece of music history to a museum. 'Fancied a pair' A leather jacket belonging to George Harrison sold for £110,450 at an auction in December.

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles (SCLA) presents its 23rd Annual Simply Shakespeare benefit reading of "The Two Gentlemen of Verona," September 25, 2013 at The Broad Stage, Santa Monica.  The evening will feature a star-studded cast including Sir Paul McCartney, details

AN amp once owned by a pop legend will be used to perform a tribute to the most iconic band in modern music - at a gig in Altrincham. The piece of equipment, once the property of George Harrison, will be used to play songs by the Beatles at the 4 Teas In Alty event.

It accompanied Harrison on a range of projects, including the recording of the supergroup’s Sgt Pepper and Revolver albums - and current owner Chris Hewitt said the piece is worth between £75,000 and £100,000. Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead will use the prized piece of equipment to pay musical homage to The Beatles during a performance at South City Music, in Altrincham, on August 17.

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A rare collection of Beatles records on sale in Newcastle this week is expected to reach over $1,000 at auction as part of the University of Newcastle Book Fair. The collection is one of the showcase items of the week-long fair, which is expected to draw crowds of up to 10,000 people.

Friends of the University, president Vic Levi says the event is expected to raise more than $80,000. "We think it's probably as good as, if not better than, the last one we held which was two years ago," he said. "So we're very confident that we'll get right up there in the proceeds and we're looking forward to that." Two rare volumes of poetry by Robert Burns will also go on sale today at the book fair. The books by Mr Burns were given to a Scottish immigrant bound for Newcastle in the nineteenth century.

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At least one Paul McCartney fan says he's angry he paid full price for tickets to the former Beatle's concert in Winnipeg next week, when much cheaper tickets have started appearing online. Tickets to McCartney's concert at Investors Group Field on Aug. 12 are going for as little as $17 on websites like StubHub, with floor tickets as low as $40.

By contrast, official prices on Ticketmaster start at $35 and go up to $250. Todd Trudeau, a longtime Beatles fan in Winnipeg, said he paid $1,200 for four tickets so he and his family could go. "If I would have waited, I could've bought 15 tickets then, instead of four, for what I paid for. It's not right," he told CBC News on Thursday. Trudeau said he's furious that he paid full price for the tickets when they're going so cheaply now. "That pisses me off because that's not right. I paid so much money to go see them — big fan of theirs," he said."Maybe they should give us like a cash rebate or something like that."


An never-before-seen portrait of John Lennon has been discovered as a revolutionary book based on meetings with The Beatles is launched. The photograph shows Lennon at ease with the photographer in a domestic setting as experts believe the snap originates from around 1963, just prior to the Beatles' global fame.

The Beatles And Me book compiles everyday encounters with the group throughout their careers. The previously unheard and candid stories are illustrated with unseen pictures. Author Dean Johnson said: "John knows the person who took this picture very well and seems to trust them.

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The bus, unveiled by Yoko Ono in Liverpool last May is traveling around Europe and the US offering kids the chance to develop their musical talents. The bus has three on-board engineers, young aspiring musicians learn how to write, perform, record, and produce original songs, as well as produce and shoot music videos.

It has been stationed in Knocknaheeny in Cork for the past week where it has tutored kids involved in 'Music Generation', the U2-funded music education programme. Music Generation say people should come and check out the bus because "it's probably the only time it will be in Ireland."

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Rare photos of The Beatles, including precious images discovered on a film found inside a camera belonging to the band’s official photographer after he died, have been pulled from sale. Auctioneers were poised to sell a collection of more than 40 Beatles images at Cuttlestones in Wolverhampton on 16 August.

The upcoming sale had attracted global media coverage in recent days. However, a spokesperson for the auction house today told Amateur Photographer that the images have been ‘temporarily withdrawn' at the request of the vendor who wanted to remain anonymous. The ‘significant' archive includes 34 shots that had remained undiscovered in Derek Cooper's camera until 10 years after the photographer's death in 1983. It was to have been the first time that prints of the negatives were offered for sale on the open market. It is not known whether the auction will be rescheduled.

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Back in early 1973, Paul McCartney was experiencing a new peak in his post-Beatles career. His song “My Love” reached the top of the U.S. music charts, and he was tapped to offer the first rock music theme song for James Bond film “Live and Let Die.” But McCartney also faced problems. Sir Lew Grade, who controlled half of the publishing royalties for McCartney’s songs, was threatening the star with legal action for the somewhat questionable crediting of his wife Linda as co-writer of the tunes. In order to avoid a court showdown, McCartney agreed to star in a one-shot special for Grade’s ATV in return for Linda receiving songwriting royalties.

But the resulting special TV special, “James Paul McCartney,” was something of a mess. “James Paul McCartney” was divided into 11 segments that were either wrapped around a single tune or a skein of songs. The bulk of the production was shot in controlled environments, with applause tracks occasionally added later; a single segment was taped before a live audience. Although details

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