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Billboard reports that McCartney’s 1976 live album Wings Over America will be reissued at the end of May.

The original album caused controversy when McCartney switched the songwriting credits on all of the albums five Beatles songs from Lennon-McCartney to McCartney-Lennon.

The album featured The Long And Winding Road, Lady Madonna, I’ve Just Seen A Face, Blackbird and Yesterday all listed as McCartney-Lennon songs. They still listed as McCartney-Lennon songs when the album was reissued on CD in 2002.

Wings Over America features McCartney’s cover of Paul Simon’s Richard Cory and his own Soily, neither of which are available on any other album. The album also featured Wings’ cover of the Moody Blues Go Now with Denny Laine on lead vocals. Laine was a member of The Moody Blues on details

Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon will be performing the John & Yoko Double Fantasy album at the upcoming Meltdown Festival in London.

Yoko is curating the festival and has recruited Boy George, Patti Smith, Iggy & The Stooges and Marianne Faithfull to perform for the 20th anniversary of the festival.

Double Fantasy was John’s comeback album in 1980, after 5 years of being a house-husband and raising Sean. It was also the album John & Yoko had in the charts at the time of John’s death.

Double Fantasy was released on November 17, 1980. John died on December 8, 1980.

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They were a definite hit with the Norwich gig-goers, with excited fans snapping up the tickets. The queue on the night to get into the Grosvenor Rooms stretched all the way back to the old ABC cinema further up the road.

Half a century on, the Grosvenor Rooms are no more – with a KFC fast food restaurant now on the site instead – but The Beatles’ music continues to be as popular as ever, and to mark the anniversary of their Norwich visit Mark Cousens, from Tasburgh, is organising a tribute night in the city.

He has already booked Them Beatles as the tribute act to the Fab Four, and is now looking for a local support act.

“I grew up listening to The Beatles because of my dad. It was the first music I can remember hearing,” said 29-year-old Mr Cousens.

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Ringo: Peace & Love is both the first major exhibit ever dedicated to a drummer and the first to explore the extraordinary career of the 7-time GRAMMY Award® winner. The scope of exhibit spans Ringo’s early life growing up in Liverpool, from Raving Texans turned Rory Storm, from The Beatles, to becoming a solo artist and then to the All Starrs with whom he is on tour now – this unique collection brings together diverse artifacts, rare and never before seen photographs, documents, personal letters and footage.

Ringo: Peace & Love will be located on the second floor. 

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The publisher's description says. "It includes the number of takes for each song; who contributed what; previously unpublished studio documents and interviews with many of the key recording personnel; and facsimile reproductions of Abbey Road recording sheets, tape boxes, album sleeve roughs, memos, contracts, press releases and more.

“Lavishly illustrated with over 350 photographs (rare images by Linda McCartney among them), this must-have volume also features an exclusive introductory interview with Paul McCartney."

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Wirral Beatles book is a hit in Russia - Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Beatles and Me, compiled by Dean Johnson from Birkenhead, is set to become a best-seller in Russia after being featured in a national television report.

A camera crew from Zvezda (meaning The Star) TV visited Liverpool to interview Dean and to capture fabled Beatles landmarks in the city.

Dean said: "Liverpool represents a magical land to the Russians.  It is the birthplace of a revolution in music created by The Beatles.

"Since we appeared on Soviet television the interest in the book there has been amazing."

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"The record-breaking response to Paul's performances four years ago at Fenway Park made it clear that the fans here would welcome him back anytime," said Live Nation spokesman Dave Marsden. "Today yet another new sales record reaffirms just how much Boston and all of New England love Paul McCartney!"

This is McCartney's second Fenway attendance record, MPL said. In 2009, when he played two shows Aug. 5 and 6 that year, the shows drew the largest two-day concert attendance in the history of the fabled ballpark.

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“It was clear from the outset that 'A Hard Day's Night' was in a different category from the rock musicals that had starred Elvis and his imitators,” he wrote in his book “Roger Ebert: The Great Movies.” “It was smart, it was irreverent, it didn't take itself seriously, and it was shot and edited by Richard Lester in an electrifying black-and-white semi-documentary style that seemed to follow the boys during a day in their lives.”

He said the film had such an effect on its audience that “thousands of young men walked into the theater with short haircuts and their hair started growing during the movie and didn't get cut again until the 1970s.”

But it's difficult to finder higher praise for the film than this: "After more than three decades, it has not aged and is not dated; it stands outside its time, its genre and even rock 'n' roll. It is one of the great life-affirming landmarks of the movies.”

Ebert reasserted his love for the film by appearing as details

Report: Newspaper says Paul McCartney to play Quebec in July

A Canadian newspaper reported Thursday that a deal has been reached for Paul McCartney to perform in Quebec this July at the outdoor Plains of Abraham where he played in 2008.

Le Soleil (The Sun) said the concert will take place July 23. McCartney last played the Plains of Abraham almost five years to the day of the new show on July 20, 2008, to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Quebec.

McCartney fan Bob Gannon, who has attended over 100 McCartney shows, and attended the 2008 show, told us, “This large park was filled to capacity. I remember for those who had waited all night in line to be in front of the stage was opened, the mad rush to the stage to get the best position. It was a stampede. Glad I decided not to worry so much about where I was and to just enjoy the free concert. The park was filled, the streets around the park was filled with people watching video screens and so details

Lead singer: Artist carves mini John Lennon into tip of pencil

Hedley, 47, chanced upon his new hobby in December 2011 when he sharpened a pencil and noticed the tip looked like a human hand.

He said: “That is how I did my first one, which was the Olympic torch. I just took a pin and started chipping away.”

He added that he is proud of his portrait of the Fab Four, saying: “John Lennon was the hardest.

“There is real glass in his glasses, which had to be ground down, and actual metal for his frames, which was really tricky to put on.

“When people see the sculptures they ask how big they are and when I tell them that it’s on a pencil they just walk off because they think I’m having a laugh or that it’s been Photoshopped.”

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